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Chris untha 1

Leaving the EU would sideline recyclingSubscription

Love or hate politics, there can be no denying the enormity of conversation surrounding the UK’s position in Europe.

Andy Olie 2000

Is the EU now past its sell-by date?Subscription

As the vote looms ever closer on whether the UK should exit the EU, it seems as though the arguments have been more negative than positive, with scare stories from both sides and little being offered in the way of a clear vision of what the future of staying in or leaving will have.

Margaret Bates

EfW myths we help to keep smoulderingSubscription

I am looking forward to the European Commission’s communication on energy from waste (EfW) due later this year – assuming it will still be relevant to the UK.

Aungus Evers

Sector must face up to six-figure fines Subscription

The widely reported fine imposed on Powerday by a judge at Harrow Crown Court last month will have come as a shock to many in the waste management industry.

Austen Less

A better image will bring big benefits Subscription

Sirius’s forthcoming Making Waste Resonate report recognises that waste is as much a communications business as it is a logistical or processing one.

sarah gazzola

Fuelling the renewable futureSubscription

The EU is rethinking its bioenergy strategy, and the waste sector can take advantage by supplying more feedstock

James Samworth 2000

Subsidies will ignite district heatingSubscription

While the world continues to strive towards higher renewable energy usage and tries to leave fossil fuels behind, the fundamental challenge remains: renewable energy is simply more expensive than its fossil fuel counterpart.

Paul Vanston

Understand the needs of othersSubscription

It is with significant interest that the European Commission’s proposed amendments for the Waste Directive under a new Article 8a includes the provision that packaging producers “cover the entire cost of waste management for their products”.

Laura Tainsh 2000

Long-standing permits challenge offender and regulator alike Subscription

It is not unusual for older licences to lead to a breach of the licence and then lead on to an offence

Laura Tainsh

Does landfill tax go far enough?Subscription

Landfill tax was introduced to the UK in 1996 and was the first environmental tax designed to make other forms of waste treatment more financially attractive and cut the volume of material – those capable of being reused or recycled – ending up in landfill sites.

Anne Marie Benoy

Circular economy: not yet in it togetherSubscription

What makes the concept of the circular economy (CE) so attractive is that, at its core, circular thinking can be applied throughout the entire economy.

2000 Philip Ward

Can a small change make a big difference?Subscription

Phillip Ward, former senior civil servant, on Defra’s takeoever of BIS’s environmental team

Sarah Ottaway

Let’s have a conversation about foodSubscription

One of the common frustrations among many of the councils I have conversations with is the generally low participation in food waste recycling services and the capture rates they achieve.

Chris James

A smarter way to manage our wasteSubscription

There has been much in the media during the past few months about the circular economy (CE) since the announcement of the EU’s circular economy package in December.

Peter Goodwin

The problem with coffee cup recycling is the beginning not the endSubscription

Collaborative action is urgently needed for solutions that address the issue of recycling the UK’s discarded paper cups.

Robert Fell 900

Scotland learns from English lawSubscription

After much discussion, the Scottish Government has published its timetable for implementation of the cash ban for scrap recyclers and licensing provisions set out in the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act (AWLA), which also covers metal recycling.

Daniel Long 900

Operating hours are too restrictiveSubscription

During the past 30 years, the UK waste sector has evolved from an array of relatively inefficient public sector operations to a highly streamlined set of services delivered largely by private sector specialists on behalf of municipal authorities, residential and business customers.

Duncan Mclaren 2000

Why is England failing on food waste?Subscription

Almost two million tonnes of commercial & industrial food waste in the UK is still going to landfill or other unknown destinations.

Tom Anderson 900

Chemical imbalance on bio-refiningSubscription

The early optimism surrounding December’s Paris Agreement to limit global climate change was starting to unravel as it faced up to the cold, hard reality of 2016’s seemingly confused Government energy policy and rock-bottom oil prices.

Claudia Jaksch 900

Construction needs circular economy models Subscription

Claudia Jaksch, head of sustainability at Policy Connect, on why moving towards a more circular built environment is imperative

Margaret Bates

Let’s go for pay-as-you-throwSubscription

Waste collection is essentially the only service we receive that is not charged proportionately to the amount we use - yet we still wonder why it is so hard to bring about positive behavioural change.

Andy Olie 2000

The numbers game fails to add upSubscription

Hands up those of you who last year predicted oil at sub-$40 a barrel; a FTSE slump in January; commodity prices close to the 2008 recession low point; and the Government systematically withdrawing most renewable energy support tariffs.

2000 David Brookes

The Big Interview: David BrookesSubscription

One year ago, Brookes became development director at the new plastic film recycling business: he now runs its south-east London HQ.

Kent RØnning Andersen

It’ll be all white in the cement marketSubscription

We are all familiar with the practice of producing a solid recovered fuel (SRF) from waste that cannot be recycled effectively or economically.

James Samworth 2000

Lose subsidies to remove EfW riskSubscription

As we begin 2016 with renewed vigour and extra pounds from the festive season, plenty of people in the waste industry are already looking ahead to the Contract for Difference (CfD) auctions that will take place towards the end of the year.

2000 phillip ward

Councils need help to maintain recycling momentumSubscription

Phillip Ward, former senior civil servant and WRAP director on the challenges facing local authorities - and why they need support

Estelle Brachlianoff 2000

A change of cultural mindset on wasteSubscription

Following the successful COP21 conference, we have an agreement uniting nearly 200 nations in tackling climate change

Laura Tainsh 2000

Inconsistency undermines recyclingSubscription

This is the perfect time to focus on the main issue plaguing recycling of domestic waste materials across the UK

Laura Owen 2000

Let’s work with new RDF definitionSubscription

December 2015 has been a busy time for the UK waste sector, with the EU’s circular economy package being released, the climate summit COP21 considering the state of energy-intensive industries and the autumn statement and spending review announced at the end of November.

Fiona Ross 2000

CE package remains out of focusSubscription

The ink was barely dry on the European Commission’s circular economy (CE) package of measures before the European Parliament was criticising it for lack of ambition in its recycling targets.

The pilot bioSNG plant 2000

Availability of feedstock is key Subscription

National Grid has an agenda to promote green and renewable energy, partly because it wants to be seen as a thought leader in that area and partly because it is in its own interest to do so.

Richard Gueterbock Clearfleau

Small-scale renewables need backingSubscription

The Government has got its energy policy priorities fundamentally wrong. In its fight to reduce energy costs for consumer and industry, it has lost its way.

Ian Hetherington

A new dawn against over-regulation?Subscription

Mention ‘red tape’ and most readers will have something to say about the Government’s latest drive to supposedly assist the world of business by slashing problematic and inconsistent parts of legislation and policy.

Jacqueline O'Donovan

Building a better future for C&D wasteSubscription

Our industry welcomes any research that can help us to improve our sustainability credentials.

Materials in a MRF

A view from Brussels on the Circular EconomySubscription

The relaunched circular economy package is a test for the Commission’s ability to deliver on objectives and new working methods. Critics will continue to argue that lower recycling targets and absence of a full landfill ban do not match the promise of a “more ambitious” package.

2000 Fiacre O’Donnell

Glass is a clear leader in sustainabilitySubscription

Sector producers have consistently been ahead of the manufacturing industry to implement sustainability solutions.

James Samworth

Investment in waste: James Samworth, ForesightSubscription

Innovations in the supply chain will be required to move the waste industry forward

Paul Featherstone SugaRich

Investment in waste: Paul Featherstone, SugaRichSubscription

A clear harmonised position for our industry sector would reduce business risk

Robert Etherson

New challenges - Robert EthersonSubscription

What impact do waste and recycling operators in Scotland feel the Waste (Scotland) Regulations have had, and how will the lower food waste threshold coming into play in January affect them?

Grant Keenan

New challenges - Grant KeenanSubscription

The introduction of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations have been transformational for Keenan Recycling and we geared up with a £600,000 investment