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Dorothy Skrytek

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Comments (12)

  • Comment on: Abbey stops Amey EfW project

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 26 September, 2018 7:19 am

    Burning plastics is not 'renewable energy' & creates dioxin which the UK is pledged to educe the creation of, not increase it. 

    Burning plastics etc creates carbon dioxide. There is no getting away from it Ditto the Climate Act etc

    Incineration is more expensive than recycling.
    Incineration interferes with recycling
    Incineration causes Deaths Brought Forward

  • Comment on: Councils discuss future of delayed gasification project

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 26 September, 2018 7:12 am

    What a waste. We need to move away from setting fire to things. Recycling was nearly 50% in Derby till the contract was signed, then dropped like a stone to under 35%. Terms in the contract stipulate that if there is not enough residuals (blackbin), then the separate bluebin for plastics. metals, glass (calorifics) and brownbin (organics), garden waste will be raided instead. Obviously this is then interfering with reduction, reuse, recycling.These are NOT residuals.

    The cost of the bluebin recycling is approx £12 per bin.
    The cost of the blackbin, for incineration (not even really started yet, but already this incinerator is causing misery to nearby residents in the form of excessive noise and stink) is £112
    There is no contest and other authorities need to be aware of this massive confidence trick.
    The councils, (all of them, under the Inter-authority contract) continue to be well and truly misinformed
    Don't get me started on the carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc

  • Comment on: Treatment shortfalls see Suez invest in northern EfW plant

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 18 September, 2018 4:43 pm

    What a monumental waste, especially as reduction, reuse, recycling & composting are cheaper than incineration.

    The contracts, all of them calling for the destruction of 'organics' and 'calorifics' mean the end of the 'circular economy'.

  • Comment on: Treasury indicates it could back incineration tax

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 20 August, 2018 10:22 am

    Thanks. Incineration ends reduction, reuse & recycling; the contracts signed need reducibles, reusables, recyclables & compostables. This is obvious and evidenced by incineration contracts, which call for 'calorifics' ie plastics and 'organics' ie compostables.. Such resources are supposed to be conserved - under UK Sustainability Objectives, otherwise what was the point of signing up to the SO - not destroyed needlessly.
    See Derby & Derbyshire incineration contract, just one of the approximate 52 waste-of -energy incineration plants in the UK

  • Comment on: £250m EfW plant to be built in North Yorkshire

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 26 July, 2018 7:55 am

    What a waste, especially of any 'energy' produced, which will be piffling, compared to the amount of energy wasted in transportation, drying out the 'waste resources to be destroyed, wasting thousands of gallons of diesel to aid the 'burn, etc etc. Yet another local authority (like Derby city & Derbyshire county councils) fooled into getting rid of reduction, reuse and recycling, to send resources to be destroyed instead.
    - Waste contracts destroy reduction, reuse & recycling/composting

    Carbon dioxide from incineration -

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