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Dorothy Skrytek

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Comments (37)

  • Comment on: New joint unit is ‘giant step’ for war on waste crime

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 17 January, 2020 11:09 am

    Thanks. Wasteful 'waste-to-energy' - which should be re-named 'energy-to-waste' as mass balance shows more energy wasted, than tiny amount created, if at all - is the new waste crime.

    World resources deliberately destroyed in a high-carbon, polluting incineration process, fuelling the climate crisis -
    (the efw/wte incinerators are basically for disposal) so that more fossilfuel plastics can be created/drilled for. FYI Derby/Derbyshire contracts for energy-to-waste example. All wte/efw incinerators will have them

  • Comment on: Firm seeks larger capacity for EfW plant

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 14 January, 2020 12:21 pm

    There is nothing 'carbon-friendly' about burning high-carbon plastics/biowaste/biomass in so-called 'energy-from-waste incinerators.
    Mass balance shows more energy wasted, than the tiny amount created, if at all.
    Incinerators are basically for disposal, yet the dioxin-contaminated ash still has to be dumped somewhere, as the Persistent Organic Pollutants Treaty forbids the 'recycling' of the ash, into bricks or gypsum replacement board.
    Waste reduction, reuse, recycling is proven to be cheaper than incineration

    Derby & South Derbyshire Friends of the Earth

  • Comment on: Consultation launched on Wisbech EfW

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 7 December, 2019 11:09 am

    Thanks, more greenwashing. 'So-called 'waste to energy' 'energy from-waste' mass balance reveals more energy wasted in the process, than the tiny amount created, if at all (Derby/Derbyshire fiasco - EfW does not divert waste from landfill, as the contracts call for certain tonnages of 'organic' & 'calorific' values in the residual waste. Yet businesses/local authorities have recycling collections for those ie paper, plastics/organics/biowaste. If values in the contacts are not met, then they 'procure' the recycling, meaning the local authorities are in the business of making sure enough waste is created, purely for destruction, not more sustainable waste management reduction, reuse, composting. So much for the 'circular economy'. It's still a dirty linear one.

  • Comment on: FEAD rejects calls for plastics-to-oil tech to be classed 'recycling'

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 7 December, 2019 11:01 am

    Thanks, patently obvious it's not recycling, it its burned. Burning only means that more plastic is produced, to replace that destroyed. Plus the carbon/dioxin emissions.(Dioxin stories from Indonesia, Bhopal, Corby, Vietnam) The best thing to do with all the plastic now coming back from Indonesia (reality of policy coherence there) is to press it into insulation for all the homes still needing it. The very worst thing, is to burn it, in 'energy-to-waste/fuel'

  • Comment on: Large loss for Renewi on troubled plant

    Dorothy Skrytek's comment 20 November, 2019 7:06 am

    Thanks for this, sad how many climate deniers there still are out there etc

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