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Non-ferrous materials report

This week MRW spoke to 14 businesses to produce this report.

The market remains pretty scary with violent swings between peaks and troughs, but still remains remarkably buoyant.  Some metals, most notably aluminium, have managed to detach themselves from the shackles of currency movements, and have been in very bullish mood, but not all prices have been dragged along with them.  Dealers are keen to make larger margins during unpredictable swings, and have one eye on their exposed inventories over the festive season, but should things remain as good as many analysts predict there could be a very happy new year in prospect.

White Metals

Once more, white metal traders have been content to sit on the sidelines and watch as the commodities have been rocking around seemingly oblivious to the real world.  In reality, according to many dealers, 2009 was written off in the third quarter, and prices have rarely moved since.  Nevertheless, there are a few wry smiles in the industry as market levels increased.

Nickels and Alloys

There has been no change to arisings this week as material arisings remain low along with demand, therefore prices have stayed steady this week after a few weeks of downward movement. It looks as though these conditions will take a while to recover in the year ahead, as one trader said: We are firmly of the belief, as are almost all merchants we have spoken to, that there will be no sharp increases in price, availability or demand and that it will be a slow process in coming back. From dialogue I have had, many of the merchants scepticism appears to be based on their current lack of business from factory jobs, many of which rely on these jobs for regular turnover. I feel we will see much more confidence within the market as a whole when this end line production picks up, which, at the present time seems a little distant.

Aluminium Ingots

Merchants report a busy week taking orders for the year ahead, with substantial tonnages and higher prices. The high value of scrap seems to be helping this along a bit and the currency movement has been in the foundries favour as orders come from overseas. However, as with all metals at the moment, the market in 2010 is proving to be very difficult to predict, with conflicting opinions across the industry.

High Value Metals

All metals have dropped off a little again this week, most likely to be a result of the forthcoming Christmas holidays. Fine gold saw the biggest fall of 39 pence.

MRW Guide Prices


Dry bright wire         3580-3650
Greasy bright wire    3250-3320
No 1 burnt wire        3340-3400
No 2 burnt wire        3100-3140
Clean and
painted copper tube 3300-3350
New copper tube     3400-3450
Braziery copper      2800-2850


Cuttings                  2100-2140
Clean rod swarf       1700-1800
Unsorted brass scrap 1890-1930
Mixed brass scrap   1950-1990


Phosphor Bronze and Gunmetal

Commercial GM scrap          2380-2420
GM borings                          2140-2190
Commercial PB scrap           2390-2450
Brass and copper radiators   1900-1950


Pure cuttings                             700-720
Mixed alloy cuttings                   570-600
Clean cast                                 600-650
Old rolled                                   530-570
Turnings                                    350-405
Loose litho                                 750-800
Loose Al/Cu radiators                 1300-1400
Cut mill finished extrusion: clean  780-810
Cut mill finished extrusion: painted 710-760


Collected scrap   750-800
Batteries            240-270


Zinc base scrap          440-460
New cuttings             450-510

Nickel and Alloys

13% chrome iron           80-100 
Pure nickel solids          6000 
Pure tungsten               5000 
Pure molybdenum         7500 
Pure cobalt                   16000 
Wrought clean monel     2200-2400 
Monel turnings              1500-1600 
70/30 cupronickel          2000-2200 
90/10 cupronickel         1800-1900 
Clean tungsten carbide  5500-6000 
18/4/1 high-speed solids 950-1050 
18/4/1 high-speed turnings 160-180 
6/5/2 high-speed solids     950-1050 
6/5/2 high-speed turnings 180-200 
Nickel and alloys

Aluminium ingots     

LM2                         1260
LM4                         1385
LM6                         1430
LM24                       1250
LM25                       1420
LM27                        1285
Standard remelt ingots 1110
Mixed remelts             1110

White metals

99% tin                     5600 
Mixed pewter             3400 
43% tinmans solder   2400 
29% plumbers solder 1780 
Solder joints               950 
6% mixed type metal   65 

Alu UBCs

Loose and whole                                      550 
Loose and flattened                                  550 
Baled or densified, palletised and strapped 600 

High value metals

Platinum      25.84
Palladium    6.11
Fine gold     20.87
9ct gold       7.64
Fine silver    0.306
925 silver     0.283

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