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John Glover

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Comments (31)

  • Comment on: Councils call on banks to save Renewi’s Derby EfW

    John Glover's comment 5 May, 2019 7:11 am

    This all goes back to a time when Government wanted to get large construction companies involved in waste infrastructure to increase competition in the marketplace. Derby is between a rock and a hard place and I cannot see a way out after so many gasification failures. It may appear to work in theory, but not in economical practice. See:

  • Comment on: Cory Riverside to GLA: London facing waste capacity crisis

    John Glover's comment 30 March, 2019 6:51 am

    When Ken Livingstone was the Mayor of London he proposed and supported the “Proximity Principle”. We worked alongside the Mayor’s team to support this. The “PP” plans and supports the treatment of all forms of waste and recyclables close to the point of production. For dealing with residual waste locally and by use of river transport Cory should be awarded 5 stars and a gold accolade. If the “PP” was introduced properly followed waste streams could be directed to local facilities and even taxed for moving hundreds of miles around the country. West London’s waste travels by train to Avonmouth (Bristol). If such waste was treated locally more local waste could be diverted to Avonmouth to make up any shortfall. We need a national policy that encourages long lasting carbon saving outcomes. Could Shirley Rodrigues provide an illustration of where waste produced in the GLA area is now ending up? This would fully illustrate my point.

  • Comment on: Worker died after being trapped in trommel

    John Glover's comment 30 January, 2019 1:44 pm

    I have found the biggest dangers are from staff working in isolation or where others can't see them. It is a human weakness to move into a potentially dangerous situation because they THINK it will be safe to do so. This is why cyclists often come to unexpected grief. We have to drill into ALL staff to act 100% responsibly at all times and take NO chances.

  • Comment on: Illegally stockpiled RDF leads to £510,000 fine

    John Glover's comment 30 January, 2019 1:36 pm

    I am a local councillor in Essex. Fly tipping has reached epidemic proportions and now bulk transfer station waste and bulk tromell fines can be found dumped on public roads, not just from van man. The question in this case (dumped rdf bales) is where was the rdf created and who was delivering material to that location. A knowledgeable Sherlock Homes/Environment Agency probably know. The EA should then get back to the producers and handlers, because what happened did not occur overnight. It is all becoming a part of the increasing criminality that is establishing itself within our industry. What is the point of having a Duty of Care without effective enforcement?

  • Comment on: Threat to council leader in incinerator row

    John Glover's comment 22 November, 2018 8:07 am

    Whatever happens there will have to be answers for the future. The odour problem could probably be resolved by ensuring food waste is collected separately and not allowed in the black bag waste taken into this plant. Another possibility is to have negative air pressure in the building and suction fans taking odour to a biofilter if food is going to be handled in the future. Apart from the financial exposure I would want to start again... There will have to be some biting of the bullet very soon.

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